We have a dedicated Giving Team, locally staffed in Ethiopia that works with Non-Profit Humanitarian Organizations and Giving Partners who help fulfill our Get & Give a Good Night's Sleep commitment.

Once you have purchased your mattress, kept it and after the risk free trial period has ended, we then collaborate with our Giving Team in Ethiopia to manufacture and distribute the same number of mattresses as our customers purchase.

Where We Give

After production has been completed, our Giving Team arranges delivery and distribution of the new mattresses directly to the children in need. We cover all of the expenses involved to transport, deliver and distribute the mattresses along with all administrative costs.

In appreciation a picture will be sent to the customer addressed to their name, thanking them and showing the child they helped.

In addition, we have partnered with local mattress manufacturers to produce all of the new mattresses, which creates a positive economic impact to the communities in which we give. Local production helps create jobs, build industry and sustainable futures.

Flip 54 products and services are provided to help children in need. We do not distribute them with any religious or political affiliations.