The ultimate
two-in-one Mattress


Inner technology

Our Proprietary Design allows us to create a dual sided mattress with two different levels of comfort. One side is comfort soft (plush) and the other is a luxury firm. Our exclusive 7 Zone Flip Foam is infused with cooling gel, contours and conforms to the natural shapes and curves of your body to provide a more supportive and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Our extensive research and over twenty years of experience has shown that majority of people will prefer one of these two levels of comfort. So we designed and created the ultimate two-in-one mattress that provides superior pressure relief to alleviate tossing and turning, temperature regulation so you won't sleep too hot or too cold, motionless transfer to prevent partner disturbance and more support with our 7 Zone Flip Foam. Plus we back it up with the best 12-year warranty in the business.

Benefits of a Two-Sided Mattress

In the past, all mattresses were double-sided, meaning you could flip the mattress over and sleep on the other side. About 15 years ago, the industry changed. Many manufacturers stopped making double-sided mattresses and began producing only single-sided ones that were not able to be flipped and lowered the warranty period. The main reason they did this was to increase profits as single-sided mattresses cost less to manufacture and don’t last as long as double-sided ones, so they knew customers would have to buy a new mattresses much sooner.

Today, all specialty foam mattresses currently sold online and 98 percent of all mattresses sold in store are all one-sided. It costs much less to build a one-sided mattress and since only one side is being slept on, the manufacturer only needs to focus on putting quality materials on the one side. A Flip 54 mattress is finished all the way around and uses the highest quality materials on both sides.

The result is a better built, better quality mattress!

It costs us much more to build our mattress and yet our price is lower than majority of our single-sided online competitors. We attribute this to our direct from factory to consumer business model. We've been able to eliminate all the middle mark up layers that traditional mattress retailers have and have accepted no outside investments so we are not beholden to investors or venture capitalist firms that require high profits above all else.

Finallys, a bed for life's changes.

If your sleep preferences change over time, just do the FLIP.

Most people change their sleeping preferences over time. Whether you change from a back to a side sleeper, have an injury or experience the joy of pregnancy, Flip 54 is the only mattress you need.

Flip 54 is the perfect mattress for your growing children. We all know how kids especially teens can experience growth spurts so when their body is changing, growing and they need more support, instead of having to buy another mattress, just do the FLIP.

Perfect for your guests. Next time you have company stay over, whether it be for yourself or Airbnb, be the ultimate host and give your guests the choice of comfort they prefer.