Our inspiration for starting the company were our two beautiful little girls. The '54' in Flip 54 represents their ages when we started the company. We’re doing our best to instil certain values and have them grow up to be kind, caring & generous individuals with humility and empathy for others. We want them to appreciate how privileged we are for living in North America, and help them understand that there are people all over the world that aren't as fortunate. There are children around the world that don't have a place to sleep. Even if they have a home or shelter, their families don't have the means to buy them a mattress which leaves many children sleeping on the ground. As new parents, we spent many nights thinking of how we could best teach our girls that even something as habitual as a good night’s sleep should not be taken for granted.

Around the same time as we became new parents, various social enterprise start-ups were beginning to make a large impact and helping people around the world. A social enterprise in this case is a for-profit business that has a social mission at its core, by creating a business model that is sustainable through profits and not reliant on any donations. We really admired what these companies were trying to do and hoped one day we would be able to help contribute something in a large way to improve people's lives.

I’m a practicing Physical Therapist, married into the bedding business and became a full time Mom after our girls were born. I love the business because I wholeheartedly believe that a restful and restorative sleep is essential to our health and well-being. I was never involved with the actual sales side of the business. In fact, I’m not much of sales person at all and helped out whenever I could, but mostly with the administrative side of things. I am however, a great shopper! I mean what girl isn’t, right!? Being at home and raising a young family, my purchasing habits began to shift online rather than going into stores. Everyone’s so busy these days that I think most of us really appreciate shopping for even the larger household items from the comfort of our own home without the hassle of going store to store and dealing with pushy salespeople. Or the complete opposite, as I found going into some big box stores, that there’s often not enough caring or knowledgeable people to help. I’ve been frustrated many times and asked myself “where has the customer service gone??” I’ve always dreamed of creating a company that has amazing employees who provide exceptional customer service and offer products that truly help people lead a healthier life. All the while, making it our mission to try and help improve the lives of as many people as possible who are less fortunate. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m the happiest when I’m caring for and helping others.

We didn't just want to create another company. We wanted to create a company that stood for something and something that mattered. Something that our kids would look up to and be proud of. That's when it all came together. With all of our family’s experience and connections in the bedding industry, we would set out to design (with LOTS of help!) the best mattress possible at the best price. Since it couldn't be tried & tested before being purchased, it had to be designed in such a way that our customers would have multiple odds of finding the right comfort and not have to go through the hassle of returning it. This premium luxury mattress had to be compressed and rolled into a small rectangular box and be shipped to anyone's front door. Then for every mattress we sold we would help someone in need. Pretty easy right? Not quite as easy as I first pictured in my head but I was determined more than ever so I went to work.