Why buy a mattress online?


We're all so busy these days and shopping online can be done in the comfort of your own home. You avoid going to multiple stores and dealing with the hassle of pushy salespeople. Mattress shopping can be very overwhelming and confusing in a brick-and-mortar store as you could be testing dozens of different mattresses trying to differentiate between them in an attempt to find the right one for your needs.
Majority of people don't want to spend hours upon hours shopping for a mattress!

We've taken all the risk out of mattress shopping and have built the ultimate two-in-one mattress that's softer on one side & firmer on the other. So when you receive it at home, try one side and if it doesn't feel quite right then just do the Flip and we're pretty confident the other side will be just right!

Lower Price

It costs us much more to build our ultimate two-in-one Flip 54 mattress and yet our price is lower than majority of our one-sided online competitors and much lower than traditional mattress and department stores. We attribute this to our direct from factory to consumer business model. We've been able to eliminate all the middleman mark-up layers of traditional mattress retailers and have not accepted any outside investments so we are not beholden to investors or venture capitalist firms that require high profits above all else.

Easy Shipping

Once you've placed your order online, your Flip 54 mattress will be shipped to you in a matter of days, FREE of CHARGE, and arrive in a compact box that's easy to move around and unpack so you can start sleeping on your new mattress as soon as possible!

Easy Returns

We are so confident in our Flip 54 Mattress that we'll give you an unconditional risk free guarantee. Take 108 nights to try it in home and if for some reason you don't absolutely love it and aren't getting the best sleep of your life, we'll pick it up and give you a full refund
-- no questions asked! PLUS we'll do our best to donate that bed to a local charity in need.

Double-Sided / Double Comfort

Softer on one side & Firmer on the other

We designed and created the most comfortable luxury two-sided multi-comfort all foam mattress that’s compressed and rolled in a box